DNA Tests – £229

Your health and fitness are determined by a combination of your genes and your environment.

Health is the direct result of the interaction between our individual genes (which make up our DNA) and the environment.  Genes dictate our biochemical strengths and weaknesses (so to speak), but our environment (diet, lifestyle, physical activity and injury, infections, stress, exposure to toxins etc) has a significant impact on the actual health outcomes; i.e. whether you are feeling fit and healthy now and your future health risks.

Understand your genes, understand your choices

Whilst there are certainly no guarantees in life, we do have the opportunity to make an impact (either positive or negative) on our current and future health through the choices we make each day.  What you eat, how much alcohol you drink, whether you smoke, whether you make time to exercise or relax – to name just a few.  There are a growing number of well researched genes which have been found to be associated with what can be called modifiable diet and lifestyle factors; i.e. genetic predispositions you can influence through your diet and lifestyle choices.

One simple test can provide both insight AND motivation to change

I now offer my clients the option of a DNA test either as either part of a nutrition consultation or as part of the DNA+ Diet package.  This information, alongside the information provided in your health questionnaire and during the nutrition consultation will enable me to create a truly personalised programme for you.

The test is very simple and just requires a small sample of saliva to be taken from the inside of your cheek.  Results are usually back within 3 weeks.