The DNA+ Diet


If you have a history of struggling with your weight despite multiple weight loss attempts, you may not have been eating the right foods for your body.  The DNA+ Diet is a highly personalised 2-phase approach to healthy, sustainable weight loss based on your individual DNA, plus a range of other factors including lifestyle, current health status, health history and dietary preferences.

Weight management is a complex combination of both physical and psychological factors – first you need to find out what sort of “diet” actually suits your body and then you have to stick to it!  The DNA+ Diet delivers both of these elements: a fully personalised diet plan and then the on-going support you need to help you adhere to the recommendations.

Phase 1

Kick start weight-loss and beat the cravings


  • Comprehensive health questionnaire, providing information on your health history, current medical concerns/symptoms, medications, any allergies/intolerences, dietary likes and dislikes and a 3-day food diary.
  • 90-minute consultation to discuss your health and weight loss goals, past experiences of weight loss and what you consider to be your biggest obstacles to losing weight.
  • DNA test, carried out during the 90-minute consultation.  Results of this test are usually available within 3 weeks.
  • Reduced carbohydrate diet plan to kick start weight loss, curb cravings and help stabilise appetite and energy levels. A reduced carbohydrate diet can also benefit individuals showing signs of insulin resistance; a risk factor for type 2 diabetes.
  • Help manage minor health concerns such as digestive issues, fatigue, frequent infections and stress through diet and lifestyle interventions.*
  • Supplements (optional). **
  • Weekly coaching sessions (either in person or via Skype) to help keep you on track. These sessions include on-going dietary advice and support, strategies for overcoming any obstacles, someone to be accountable to and to talk to if you hit a bump in the road.


*Any “red flag” symptoms may be referred back to your GP

** Supplements should not be seen as a replacement for a healthy balanced diet. All supplements are checked for suitability with any existing medications and/or medical conditions

Phase 2

A personalised diet based on your DNA to support healthy, sustainable weight-loss and long-term health


DNA test results are used to further personalised your plan in order to meet your individual nutritional needs.  Results provide information on:

  • Type of diet for your DNA: low carbohydrate, Mediterranean or low fat
  • The FTO gene associated with obesity *
  • Sensitivity to carbohydrates, saturated fats, caffeine, alcohol and components of smoked and char-grilled meats
  • Genetic susceptibility to lactose intolerance or coeliac disease**
  • Elevated need for antioxidants, omega 3, vitamin D or a range of B vitamins

Further weekly coaching sessions to help you implement the dietary recommendations and stay on track.


* having one or two copies of a certain variation of the FTO gene has been linked to overweight and obesity.  This does NOT mean you cannot lose weight, but you may be naturally predisposed to seeking out higher calorie foods

**please note this is an indicator of risk, not a diagnosis